Mobile / Tablet / Responsive Design

As manufacturers continue to develop new ways for people to easily connect to it, the web has become more tightly woven into all our lives. Smartphones and tablets are no longer just "mobile devices." For many they are the preferred way to find you on the web.

mobile web

Responsive web design is the latest shiny object among the creative class, whereby a website automatically changes its appearance to fit the screen of monitors, tablets and smartphones. While intriguing, that approach ignores the fact that those accessing a site via mobile devices may also be looking for different content and functionality.

From the very beginning of the web, Trivera has focused on user journeys. Since we developed our first mobile website in 2001, our approach is to first determine why your users will choose a particular device for their journey through to...and through...your site. We then recommend the proper approach: apps, responsive design, mobile website, or even separate sites for each device that might access the site… and the ability for the site to automatically detect and serve up that experience for the specific device or a combination of any of the above.  And because we have experience with all those approaches, our solution is based on your needs, not just a limited skill set.

Trivera not only understands the best practices in the emerging field of mobile and responsive web design; as a market leader, we’re helping to create those standards.

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