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Website Design & Development

We combine design with a strong focus on user experience to create results-driven websites that convert


Open-source content management system website development

Our time-tested web design process focuses on identifying target audiences, creating personas defined with laser precision, and creating user journeys using analytics data to drive the design and user interface of the website. This attracts those targets, engages them, and leads them down a path that results in conversions and turns them into loyal brand fans and ambassadors.

 Design & UX

Responsive website design

Every website at Trivera is built using responsive website design, ensuring your website will provide an ideal user experience on every device. We think beyond a mobile first approach – considering the presentation of information and ability of each page to convert on every device during our website builds.

Even our UI wireframes are interactive and mobile friendly, so you will understand the functionality of your site early in the development process.

Our design is clean, modern and holds true to brand standards for your particular business or industry. We focus on more than design, we also believe in creating a user interface that works perfectly for your target market's needs.

Support for your website continues after the website is launched through content management system training and on-demand Q&A support for any questions you might have.


Focus on user experience and usability

Good user experience reinforces the quality of your brand. Because we develop a deep understanding of your target market in the evaluate phase, we are able to focus on what your users need, what they value, and the design elements most likely to lead to engagement and conversion.

We integrate heatmap technology and Google Analytics into our websites to see where clients are going, what they're clicking on, and where we can improve engagement. Our UX designers and SEO specialists work closely together to keep the design, user experience, and content plans for websites working together to achieve quality conversions.

We use A/B testing to evaluate different versions of the same page so we can make data-driven decisions about changes to your website. Our goal is to have strong calls-to-action, tracking, and an ongoing plan to keep users moving from reading content to taking action.


We have front-end developers and knowledgeable programmers to build your website and add additional functionality that you may need or want. We have experience working with large databases, integrating APIs,  complex programming projects, along with technical support such as DNS.

We work primarily in ConcreteCMS (our preferred open-source platform CMS) but also work in Wordpress, Joomla! and other CMS platforms, such as WooCommerce for Ecommerce solutions.

Open-Source Content Management System 

Why open source CMS?

From the very beginning, Trivera has brought value to our clients by developing robust transactional elements for client websites using open source software platforms.

Unlike closed source proprietary platforms that are produced primarily with a profit motive, open source platforms are typically developed by large communities who contribute their efforts for little compensation.

That means Trivera does not charge licensing fees for our content management systems – allowing our clients to save their valuable budget dollars for investments in website functionality or ongoing marketing support.



We recommend ConcreteCMS as our preferred CMS system because it has powerful capabilities including responsive websites, security, and the capability for more programming features than non-open-source CMS platforms. ConcreteCMS provides our clients with on-page editing, so you can actually see what you're editing right on your website. Ease of updating content, images and more is one of the many reasons we were an early adopter of ConcreteCMS.

ConcreteCMS is ideal for:

  • B2B & B2C focused websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Government websites
  • University websites
  • Intranet and extranets
  • Plus many more


Clients using ConcreteCMS

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Smart, profitable Ecommerce websites

As experienced ecommerce website developers, we understand how to organize inventory to create a comfortable and intuitive shopping experience for your website visitors.

Our experience with large databases, ERP systems, and website security ensures your site will be technically sound while our focus on usability and conversions ensures your site will be profitable.

SEO integration

SEO as an integral part of web development

We are more than your typical web design and development agency. At Trivera, we focus on what happens AFTER the launch DURING your website build.

Then, our continual focus on search engine optimization ensures that your website will attract the right audiences and that its performance will continually improve throughout its lifespan.


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