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More than a professional development program, Executive Agenda is a Wisconsin-based membership organization for inquisitive executives who want to advance their careers. EA groups non-competing peers together in a confidential setting to learn from each other during group meetings facilitated by a seasoned mentor who also meets with members one-on-one.


The Challenge

Without a cohesive marketing plan in place, interest in EA had been waning. The organization was lacking awareness and attendance at events was at an all-time low. EA needed a jolt that would garner a change in membership makeup, attract new executive mentors and close out the second half of the year with a new lease on life as the leadership organization of choice for up-and-coming executives.

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The Solution

Take the client through our extensive discovery process examining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, marketplace challenges, competitors and current company principles. Plus Trivera conducted member interviews, market research (Did you know 91 percent of all millennials aspire to reach leadership positions, are hungry to develop their skills but generally feel unsupported at work?*), keyword research and site usability and completed a heat map analysis of the client’s old, dull ineffective site. Trivera developed user personas and finally recommended implementing a new archetype across a new website and all other marketing channels to give the brand a new voice to be used throughout SEO-friendly content.
* Source: Virtuali & WorkplaceTrends.com – The Millennial Leadership Survey and Gallup, 2016



To answer this challenge, Trivera delivered a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing plan, complete with a new brand archetype, mark and SEO-based content strategy that carried through to a refreshed social presence. In addition, Trivera developed, designed and built a new easy-to-update website that accommodates event signups, highlights upcoming meetings and showcases the talents and experience of its mentors. All was executed midsummer, just as company executives are returning from summer vacations and re-engaging in their career development. A LinkedIn advertising campaign added in fall has tremendously increased traffic to the site and interest in the organization. Pages were ranking by Christmas and domain authority has increased since launch. Additionally, by adding various calls-to-action buttons throughout the site, Executive Agenda has seen conversions including form fills, download clicks and more phone calls.

Executive Agenda (EA) strives to convey to prospective members how the support and outside perspective gained from their peer group and Executive Mentor is unparalleled. When EA contracted with Trivera to become our digital marketing and website partner, our eyes were opened. We worked together to analyze and revamp Executive Agenda’s website, polish our messaging, define a new look and feel for our brand and purchase space on social media. Prospective EA candidates are spending more time on our new site, getting their questions answered and even registering to attend events. That was not the case beforehand.

Elizabeth Sparks
Director of Business Development, Executive Agenda


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