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Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Ongoing data measurement for continuous improvement

Does your company see marketing as an investment that generates ROI or an expense with questionable results? The Trivera approach to ongoing success can change that. Our relationship-based, ongoing marketing partnerships benefit from a monthly and semi-annual reporting cycle which combines the benefits of long-term planning with agile adaptations. While every client’s monthly report is unique, most reports include data such as:

  • Website traffic volume
  • Traffic source (organic, direct, paid, or referral traffic)
  • Branded and unbranded search terms that bring visitors to your site
  • Content performance
  • Measurement of client specific KPIs such as key page views, downloads, or form conversions
  • Digital advertising performance
  • Other metrics that measure progress through the sales funnel

Monthly analytics reports are presented at the beginning of each month and cover data from the prior month. Reports are reviewed during monthly status meetings, where adjustments to your ongoing digital marketing plan are then recommended and agreed upon based upon your specific metrics.

The ongoing analytics and reporting process ensures you understand the impact of your marketing investment and helps us collaboratively make the best decisions for your brand.


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