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Vrakas CPAs + Advisors have been part of the Trivera family since 2021. In that short time, our partnership has created impressive growth in their overall web presence.


The Challenge

As a growing CPA firm, Vrakas had always relied on their strong reputation and relationships for business development opportunities. They had a website, but it was dated and not optimized for lead generation. Vrakas realized that it was time for a website update and wondered if digital marketing could help drive new business and even help recruit talent. This is where Trivera stepped in with a website refresh and a strategic digital marketing plan.

Vrakas CPAs & Advisors Homepage
Vrakas website pages

The Solution

Trivera recommended working on their existing platform for a significant refresh, improving what they already had, instead of building a brand-new website. The goal was to reorganize and update the site, giving it a more professional feel.

We went about it in a few ways:

  • Redesigned the homepage with new updated branding, colors, images, and taglines
  • Over time, we extended the new design to secondary pages
  • Developed a resource area where the firm’s news, events, blogs, and newsletters now live
  • Created an improved careers section with a customized search bar, which is far more intuitive for users to submit resumes
  • Trained the Vrakas team on website functionality and how to make updates within the CMS
  • As for digital marketing, we fixed website errors, improved site speed, streamlined and optimized keywords, employed website analytics tools, and tapped into the power of paid search.

The Results

Today, the website looks professional with improved branding and messaging, all leading to an improved user experience. The Vrakas team is now in control of the website and can easily make updates. The customized careers section has led to an improved internal job posting process and has resulted in more applicants. Our greatest success may have come from our digital marketing efforts which included strategic SEO that resulted in a 20% increase in search visibility and an average organic search engine results position increase of over 30 spots!

Key site stats improvements:

  • Site visitors increased 176%
  • New users increased 218%
  • Sessions increased 144%

What Trivera brings to the table is the expertise to understand the front AND back end of our website, and how to make both work to our advantage. They take a team approach to every project which brings together all the talent at once, to move tasks forward successfully. Thanks to them, the results we’ve seen from both lead generation and recruiting have been staggering.

Sandy McGee
Chief Operating Officer, Vrakas CPAs + Advisors


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