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Brand Repositioning

Reviving brands for former market leaders or newly evolved businesses

Your brand is the way your customers identify with and relate to your products and services.

If your company has been in business for many years, you might find yourself at a crossroads. Whether you’re faced with misperceptions about your products or services because of they way you did business 20 (or more) years ago, challenged with an upstart who isn’t nearly as good at business (but way better at marketing), or hanging on to sales strategies that stopped working 5 years ago – we get you. And we can help.

At Trivera, we understand how to build on your history of success and position your company for its bright and exciting future. We start by engaging in our comprehensive Evaluate process, then implement an integrated strategy designed to help your target audience understand your unique competitive advantages.

Most brand repositioning strategies involve a combination of the following services

These ongoing engagements have been shown to help aging brands find new life and attract new target markets.

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