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Marketing Automation

Nurture prospects and build relationships with meaningful scheduled content

Open-source marketing automation for integrated lead nurturing

We support businesses who need to build trust, demonstrate knowledge, or keep in touch during long sales cycles with integrated inbound marketing strategies. Of course, email marketing automation is the backbone of our marketing automation solution. Plus, we believe in integrating your social media strategy, smart content marketing, advertising, and the best possible website experience to ensure every action builds your relationship with your prospects.


Mautic marketing automation

One powerful automation tool

Like other Trivera marketing services, we use an open source platform to support our clients’ marketing automation. Our preferred platform, Mautic, provides an easy to use, intuitive platform to manage email marketing campaigns, data collection, and calls to action.

Our open and flexible marketing automation process helps us integrate marketing channels, so you can combine solutions and use each platform the way it was intended – all while sharing data and providing a consistent brand experience.

Integrate your platform

Mautic  integrates well with most CRM systems, social media platforms, and content management systems. That means you can keep your website the way it is – there’s no need to switch to a different content management system.

Are you a MailChimp user? What about Salesforce? Do you like GoToMeeting? No problem!
Our technical experts can integrate the best solution for each aspect of your marketing into one smart solution.

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