Sehiry Tapia

2021 Spring Intern

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

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Sehiry Tapia

Digital Marketing Intern

Sehiry Tapia is taking on the challenge of being Trivera’s first digital marketing intern

A senior set to graduate from Mount Mary University this May, Sehiry will submerge herself in the world of digital marketing by working alongside Trivera’s SEO team on agency projects. 

A Grace Scholar recipient at Mount Mary, Sehiry has been volunteering her time to participate on advisory boards, running student organizations like HPGM and SALSA, and participating in mentoring programs for younger cohorts. Her energy and enthusiasm make her a perfect member of the team.

In her free time, she binges Greys Anatomy with her mom over Leon's frozen custard while simultaneously playing hide and seek with her two-year-old sister. She works hard to support her young kitty, Papas (yes, it means potato in Spanish), and hopes to purchase her first home soon.