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Google Certified Partners are agencies that have demonstrated SEO, AdWords, and Display advertising acumen along with showing consistent revenue growth and success for their client base. In addition to offering exclusive Google Certified Partner Events, Trivera is able to beta test new Google products and has dedicated account support from Google’s customer service team.

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As participants in the Google Certified partner program, Trivera team members must fulfill annual training and testing requirements. This ensures the advice we give clients aligns with Google’s current SEO and advertising standards.

  • Google Partners follow Google’s advertising best practices. Trivera is Analytics and AdWords tested & certified.
  • Google Partners have proven their ability to help businesses succeed online.
  • Google Partners are notified of the latest trends and Google product enhancements.
  • We have the opportunities to try new product releases before they are available to the public

Because we are a Google Certified Partner Agency, Trivera offers Google Partners events at our office.

These events feature a live presentation webcast from Google’s in-house experts, coupled by real-life case study presentations by members of Team Trivera.

Not only will you learn Google’s latest approaches to digital marketing, you’ll also see how to apply this knowledge to your business!

Past Google Partner events include

Unwrapping Google's SEO Secrets (11/12/20)

Retail Search Engine Optimization and Advertising (6/20/18)

How to harness the power of Google for your local business (5/2/18)


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Jo Rodgers

Jo Rodgers
Search and PPC Advertising Specialist

Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming
Search Engine Specialist

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