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Tom Snyder

Founder and CEO

Tom is responsible for the corporate vision and team leadership that has kept Trivera on the forefront as one of Wisconsin’s oldest and most respected Digital Services and Internet Marketing firms. 

He has been participating and leading in online media for over 35 years, going back to the days of the Bulletin Board Systems and forums of the late 80's, website design and development since 1995, blogging since 1998 and Social Media since 2009. 

Sharing the insight he's gained from helping some of Wisconsin's most-respected companies and organizations use digital and Web technology as powerful tools to reinforce their brands, he is now also emerging as one of the region's foremost authorities on AI. He also serves as the chairman of the Web and Digital Media Design Advisory Committee at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

You may recognize Tom - he has been a frequent speaker for local groups, workshops, associations and Marketing seminars, and in a previous life was a radio personality at Milwaukee stations WEZW-FM, WLTQ-FM and Star95.7. 

Tom's educational background is in Business Administration from the University Of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, but radio was one of first loves. And so after spending a few years "administering business" for a regional sporting goods chain, he segued into a career in broadcasting. His proficiency with broadcast software led him to go to work for a company that produced an early AI-based broadcast software product.  In 1994, when he was first introduced to the Internet as a marketing and business communication game changer he knew that's where his future would be, and two years later started Trivera (known originally as Websight Solutions).  

In his free time, Tom enjoys great music, fine bourbon and playing with his grandchildren.  He also loves to spend his spare time working on landscaping, remodeling and home construction projects.