Katie Fleming

24 Years Digital and Marketing Experience
With Trivera for 18 years

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Katie Fleming

SEO/PPC & Digital Photography

Katie has been a member of Team Trivera for over 18 years, and has been a search engine marketing specialist for the last 14 years. She has a proven record of success in managing our clients’ SEO and PPC campaigns by achieving measurable results. 

Previous to joining Trivera, Katie was the Internet Marketing Manager for Funjet Vacations/ Mark Travel Corporation where she was responsible for the overall strategic direction and marketing programs for multiple e-commerce travel websites for Funjet Vacations, TransGlobal Vacations, Adventure Tours USA, and Mountain Vacations.  Internet sales, guest book signups and site traffic all grew substantially under her watch.

When she isn’t rocking in the work world, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and mastering her photography passion.

Katie is certified in

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google AdWords

AdWords Fundamentals
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