Marjie Snyder

With Trivera for 25 years

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Marjie Snyder

Vice President, CFO, and Co-founder

Her keen eye for detail and friendly nature make Marjie the perfect person to handle all of Trivera’s financial and business-related aspects such as Accounting, HR, Payroll, vendor partner selection and business direction.

In addition to her fiscal duties, Marjie’s most important role is using her natural ability and unique management style to understand, support, empower and meet the needs of the Trivera staff. Managing this bunch isn’t always easy; she’s got talent.

Prior to her 26 years at Trivera, Marjie spent 10 years in the broadcast industry as a commercial scheduling and billing software professional, working as traffic director for several radio stations, as well as providing consulting and training services for radio groups and industry trade shows. 

Marjie is a wife, and a mother to three humans and two dogs and a grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren.  We like to raise a drink to Marjie… because she is a country music fan, and she takes her love for bourbon very seriously.