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8 Years Digital and Marketing Experience

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Cassy Richardson

Search Marketing Director

Driving new customers to websites by leveraging the power of Google and other search engines is Cassy's mission. She accomplishes that mission for Trivera's clients by using her skills, experience and leadership to coordinate, complement and leverage the expertise of the members of her search marketing team.

Her experience includes time as a Digital Marketing and Senior Account Manager/Team Lead at JMS Marketing, and Partner Account Coordinator and Digital Strategist at Beyond Private Label where she met and worked with current Client Resource Director Chelsea Anderson. Cassy is Google AdWords and Analytics certified.

In her role as Search Marketing Director, Cassy works closely with our client strategy team to assure that her SEO/PPC team's efforts are working in tandem with any content, social, email, marketing automation, paid placement or other tactics that we're including in the strategy we've outlined for our clients.

When she's not helping Trivera clients achieve digital marketing success, Cassy likes to spend her time reading a new book (or re-reading Harry Potter for her 100th time), playing outside with her dog Cocoa, attending concerts, or traveling with her husband. 

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Google Analytics

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