Team Trivera

Tom Snyder, Founder and CEO

Tom Snyder
Founder and CEO

Marjie Snyder, Vice President, CFO and Co-founder

Marjie Snyder
Vice President, CFO and Co-founder

Jamie Rinehart, Senior VP of Business Development

Jamie Rinehart
Senior VP of Business Development

Jeff Skocir
Executive Vice President of Strategy, Services and Partnerships

Chelsea Anderson
Client Resource Director

Stephanie Senechal
Web Designer/UX/Front End Developer

Jen Elias
Web Design/UX/Front End Developer

Sarah Goodfellow
Front/Back-End Developer

Katie Fleming
Search Engine Specialist

Jo Rodgers
Search & Advertising Strategist

Jessica Dunbar
SEO and Analytics Specialist

Sue Piette
Content Specialist

Jonah Person
System Admin and Web Developer

Jason Kofoed
Back End Web Developer

Should this be you?
Whether you’re a front or back end developer, a marketing strategist, an SEO expert, or a customer service wiz, Trivera could be the place for you.