What is the magician archetype?

author Team Trivera by Team Trivera on Feb 20, 2020

As humans, we like taking the easy way out. Unfortunately, life isn’t always easy (and we know it). We know losing weight is hard. We know saving for retirement is hard. We know relaxing in the face of stress is all but impossible.

That’s why the magician archetype resonates with so many people. Brands that exemplify the magician archetype understand how the world works, use their knowledge to make things easier for others, and offer these magical moments to land on the most ideal outcomes.

The magician archetype can work well for brands in the areas of health and medicine, technology, or goal setting. Think about the flood of commercials you’ve seen for a certain expensive stationary bike. Buy it and you’ll suddenly WANT to ride; you’ll be in the best shape of your life and totally happy! Never mind that most people use their exercise equipment as a $3,000 drying rack for sweaters. Not you. This time it will be different. Or maybe it’s a new phone – with a stylus – that’s so amazing that suddenly your life is completely under control and you’re connected to the universe! Perhaps you need to hire a new employee. With one particular app, you’ll post your job and the perfect candidate will somehow show up in your inbox the next day. Poof! Like magic!

All kidding aside, the magician archetype gives people what they often need – hope and a way forward. If your business helps others achieve their goals, the magician archetype might be a good choice. Magician archetypes facilitate transformative experiences, usually by filtering their magician personality through a secondary archetype. For some brands, it might be the sage, emphasizing the science behind a transformative process. For others, it might be the regular guy/gal to make the magical transformation seem possible (or affordable) for anyone.

Magician brands are typically higher priced, technological, or new products. For this reason, it’s important that brands using the magician archetype be careful to keep the promises aspirational, yet achievable or risk being perceived as manipulative. It’s also important for magician brands to avoid being too edgy with their messaging at the risk of transforming themselves into an outlaw brand.

If your customers are achievement-driven, but want support as they complete their transformations, the magician brand might be right for you. How do you know? Take our archetype quiz and discover which of the 12 brand archetypes might be right for your company.

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