Trivera - Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

Tom Snyder photo by Tom Snyder on Feb 01, 2021

For Trivera, January 2021 marks another year and this is a big one. 25 years in business. Our silver anniversary. According to the SBA, only about 15 percent of the businesses founded in 1996 are still in existence. When you consider that when we launched Trivera 1.0 (or Websight Solutions as we were known back then), 85 percent of CEOs believed there was no use for the internet, it seems like it's close to a miracle that we're still around today. 

Except it's not. My guiding philosophy since our first year, when I was the agency's only employee, has been to surround myself with people who were smarter, more talented and more accomplished than me. Trivera's designers, developers, programmers, search and marketing specialists, project/account managers, salespeople and strategists have always demonstrated that. They've helped us grow and change as digital marketing came into existence and developed into the most effective way to support businesses with measurable results. 

Looking forward, we plan for 2021 to be a great year. New clients, more new team members, and several exciting announcements. As we set our course for the months and years ahead, we do so poised for some truly great things, with a long term future for Trivera and our clients that's brighter than ever.

But this year, we have accomplished the final piece of my original vision. Trivera now has a leadership and top-level management team in place who are being given the reins of the agency and are taking it to heights I've never been able to achieve. With them, we've changed our business model, elevated the quality of our client offerings, and have driven success in ways never dreamed of.

We're thankful for you and the opportunity to know and serve you. So, it is with a profound gratitude for the team members and clients who have made Trivera what it is today that we forge ahead into our next 25 years with even more enthusiasm and a renewed commitment to our original vision to be the best digital agency in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Tom Snyder - TriveraTom Snyder, founder, president and CEO of Trivera, a 25-year-old strategic digital marketing firm, with offices in suburban Milwaukee. Tom has been blogging since 1998, sharing the insight gained from helping businesses and organizations reinforce their brands by taking full advantage of digital and web technology as powerful tactics.

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