Sarah Goodfellow

12 Years Web Experience
New to Trivera

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Sarah Goodfellow

Front/Back-End Developer

When Sarah saw there were several openings at Trivera, she had a dilemma.  Should she apply for the position of Full Stack Wordpress Developer, Digital Marketing Specialist or SEO/SEM specialist? Having run her own one person digital marketing agency where she did it all for the last 8 years, and spending 7 years before that doing design, development, marketing, SEO and SEM for other companies, she was actually qualified to apply for any of them. 

So she applied for all of them.

And while she ultimately came aboard as our Full-Stack Wordpress developer, she's literally Trivera's "Swiss Army Knife," contributing her knowledge and expertise to support our entire team.

Sarah's Full Stack resume contains an impressive set of technical skills (10+ years PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML5, 7 years of jQuery and e-commerce), design skills (10+ years Logo and Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite). Her Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design comes from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her marketing credentials include Google and Hubspot certifications, as well as experience with content, email, social media and direct marketing. Her broad and deep experience provides her with an understanding of how everything that she does fits in with the overall strategies we've developed for our clients. 

Sarah loves to paint, craft, bake cookies, play video games and hang out with family and friends. She enjoys traveling to art museums and events around the country. Her favorite one is the Salvador Dalí Museum in St Petersburg Florida.

Sarah is certified in

Google AdWords

AdWords Fundamentals
AdWords Display