Why Choose Trivera for Website Design and Development?

Tom Snyder photo by Tom Snyder on Apr 30, 2017

Unlike the days when we were one of the only web development firms in the region, there are now hundreds of website design and development companies, ad agencies and free-lancers, who can build a website for you. There are now even services who offer to provide you with a "free" one.

But, innovative, smart and successful marketers know that your brand and your success are too important to trust to hacks who buy a $48 Wordpress theme, add your logo and some stock photos, make a few color changes and reduce your brand to a generic electronic brochure. From our inception 22 years ago, Trivera has established itself as the one Milwaukee website design and development company that knows how to strategically leverage the power of the web to reinforce your entire brand proposition to prospects and customers and execute a strategic plan that produces meaningful results.

We understand that an eye-catching design does nothing if it can’t get site visitors to engage. A low-priced website is a waste of money if doesn’t generate leads, sales or donations. Trivera’s philosophy of "Digital Marketing that Converts" means we understand what's at stake. Your digital marketing efforts are being expected to produce success and a signficant return on your investment.

Our time-tested process focuses on identifying target audiences, creating personas defined with laser-precision, and creating user journeys that attract those targets, engage them, and lead them down a path that results in conversions and turns them into loyal brand fans and ambassadors. 

About Tom Snyder

Tom Snyder - TriveraTom Snyder, founder, president and CEO of Trivera, a 20 year old strategic digital marketing firm, with offices in suburban Milwaukee.  Tom has been blogging since 1998, sharing the insight gained from helping businesses and organizations re-inforce their brands by taking full advantage of digital and Web technology as powerful tactics in their marketing and communications strategy.

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