Time For a Little Boasting

(Originally published when Trivera was named “Websight Solutions)

This month marks our second anniversary in our facility in Menomonee Falls. And there are now more people working here that don’t remember our old location and humble beginnings, than there are who do. A conversation with one of them this morning compelled me to depart from the standard fare of our newsletter. Normally, we try to help our clients by giving them information that will be helpful to them as they to do a better job of building, managing and promoting their Internet presence. This month, we hope you’ll allow us to just brag a bit.

At our genesis, we were “Web developers.” Five years later, we’re called “Digital Professional Services” companies.

Five years ago, I sold my first Web development project. The project had a price tag that seemed huge at the time. Today, we don’t do projects for less than ten times the price tag of that first project.

When we first opened our doors, our portfolio consisted of a handful of Milwaukee companies that came from my Rolodex. Today, our client list consists of over 135 companies. While much of our work is done for small to medium sized companies, we’ve also done projects for Panasonic, Lotus, Coleman and American General. And although a lot of our clients are here in Milwaukee, our portfolio includes projects for businesses and organizations in 25 states and US Territories, 6 countries and 3 continents.

In our first year of operation, as Websight Solutions’ only employee, I met with clients during the day, and did the design and programming myself at night in an office in my basement. Today, we have salesmen, independent Internet Consultants, Marketing Firms, Hardware Suppliers, Telecommunications companies and Advertising Agencies bringing us business. All incoming work gets prioritized and organized by a project manager, who uses state-of-the-art Project Management software to assign content development, design and programming duties to the various departments and team members.

Websight Solutions’ first home was a one-room office with dark brown paneling and orange shag carpeting. Our current home is now a modern 2,500 square foot facility that we recently expanded again to accommodate a larger staff.

During year one, an Internet presence consisted of HTML, GIF and JPG files, built using Notepad. Today, our designers use Dreamweaver and Front Page to build online multimedia projects using Shockwave, Flash, Java and Dynamic HTML. GIF’s and JPG’s are optimized and animated with dozens of new Photoshop Plug-ins and Add-ons.

In 1995, the more sophisticated sites utilized some basic scripts to create dynamic content like calendars and moderated discussion groups. In 2000, our programmers build robust, elegant database applications and integrate sites into existing legacy software systems. We design and develop Business to Business projects, Business to Consumer projects, some of which are extensions of existing businesses, while others are complete dot com start-ups.

Back in the old days, we had ExecPC host our client sites. Nowadays, our hosting operation is on-site and consists of over a dozen and half machines which enable us to provide hosting services that include share, collocated or dedicated Web site and Web application hosting, as well as DNS and e-mail application and account support.

But, throughout the years and the changes, several things have remained the same.

Service, integrity and value have been the foundational pillars of our company. Always have been. Always will.

When you call Websight Solutions between 7am and 6pm, our goal is have your call answered within three rings by a friendly, helpful human being. Our voice mail system isn’t used as a shield to isolate us from our customers, it’s used only as a backup when the person you need to talk to is out of the office. While efficiency experts tell us that’s not good to do, our customers tell us it’s one of the reasons why they do business with us.

In addition to having the necessary technical or design skills, a prerequisite to become a part of the Websight Solutions team is a heart for our customers. A strong desire to serve our customers has been a foundational value of ours since day one. And we strive to make that desire instinctive for our entire staff. So, when we hear a client tell us that we make them feel like they’re our only client, we’re grateful, but not surprised.

We make an emotional investment in every client, truly desiring to underst and their business and their goals, and meet their needs. To us, a client isn’t just a business, they’re real people.

If those people are employees who have been entrusted by their bosses to make the right decision about their company’s Internet project, we consider their choice of developers a real matter of trust, because their necks are on the line to have made the right choice.

If the person we’re dealing with is the one who started his or her own company, our obligation is even more serious. When those folks choose us to develop their site, as people who know by experience what it takes to start, run and build their own company, we consider that trust a sacred one.

All we ask in return is our client’s trust and respect (and that we get paid). It’s been a strategy that has paid off in incredible growth in size and reputation, for us as well as many of our clients.

And the best is yet to come!

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