How the Hero Archetype Can Influence Your Branding

author Team Trivera by Team Trivera on May 02, 2019

In the book Start With Why, Simon Sinek asks leaders to discover their company's true purpose. He says that without understanding why a business does something, what they do is meaningless. In the same way, understanding your brand's archetype definition can help your company's products and services resonate emotionally with your customers and clients. When your brand fulfills the emotional needs of its customers, decision making (and purchases) are faster and easier.

While we are working with clients to select their archetype, we see many companies initially gravitate towards the Hero. This makes sense. After all, who doesn't want to see their company as an organization that saves the day for its customers or clients? But not every customer wants to be saved. Remember that when selecting your organization's archetype, it is important to put yourself in your customer's shoes. Try to understand your prospects' basic needs and the ways in which they believe your brand is helping meet those needs. 

The Hero Archetype might be right for your brand if its customers:

  • Like to take risks to experience personal achievement
  • Enjoy being on a winning team
  • Are achievement-oriented and solve difficult problems
  • Set high standards for themselves and others
  • Describe themselves as strong and resilient
  • Motivate and inspire others

Some Hero Archetype examples include:

  • FedEx
  • Nike
  • Duracell
  • The Marines
  • Amazon

It is important to note that one of the challenges with the Hero Archetype is that these brands might be seen as arrogant. Some hero companies are so afraid of weakness that they might not be able to admit their faults or errors. Fortunately, most brands (like most people) have more than one aspect to their personality. Your brand's secondary archetype often softens the hard edges of the Hero Archetype.

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