Trivera's President to Speak at Milwaukee SEOmoz Event

SEOmoz is a Seattle-based Search Engine Optimization software development company that hosts the web's most vibrant SEO community. Part of their strategy includes traveling the globe to participate in marketing events and meetups. Their next meetup happens in Milwaukee on October 3rd, and they have chosen Trivera's President, Tom Snyder, as one of several local speakers featured on the program.

As part of their "2012 MozCation" the SEOmoz solicited nominations for locations. Milwaukee stepped up, nominated, tweeted, and participated in a successful effort that resulted in Milwaukee being selected as the kickoff city. The event takes place at the Harley-Davidson Museum from 5-9pm, and will feature networking, food and drinks, followed by two hours of presentations:

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz Topic: The Future of SEO

Brittan Bright, Director of Client Strategy at iAcquire Topic: From Mess to Success: A Case Study of Cross-Discipline Collaboration Done Right

Jamie Steven, Chief Marketing Officer at SEOmoz Topic: Technical Skills for Marketers: Gaining the skills you need to be indispensable

Luke Summerfield, Internet Marketing Specialist at Savvy Panda Topic: Mobile Search Skyrocketing? Let's Optimize and Capture!

Victor Drover, Owner at Anything Digital Topic: How to SEO Optimize a CMS

Tom Snyder, Owner at Trivera Interactive Topic: How Social Media Impacts Your SEO

Chiaryn Miranda, Helpster of Awesome (aka Customer Service Expert) at SEOmoz

The event is FREE, but registration is required

Laurie Vogt joins Trivera Interactive

Trivera Interactive has hired Milwaukee agency veteran Laurie Vogt to head up the digital agency's rapidly growing Search Marketing operation.

"The constantly changing and increasingly competitive nature of Search Engine Optimization gave us an opportunity to create an opening for the best SEO/PPC person in the area and bring them aboard," says Trivera founder and President Tom Snyder.

"We have a great team of strategists and technologists who have already been doing a great job helping our clients achieve great results using Search Engine marketing. With Laurie, we now have the leadership and experience to bring it all together and make our offering greater than the sum of its parts."

Vogt will facilitate the development of strategic Pay Per Click and organic Search Engine Marketing plans for clients. She also will work with Trivera's team to insure the proper implementation of those strategies and optimization of their sites. Finally she'll create and present reports for Trivera's clients to measure and improve the success of the efforts on an ongoing basis.

Says Vogt: “I have found an amazing fit here at Trivera. We're a family of innovators and communicators.  We're passionate and hard working.  We are rewarded for our efforts, and we have amazing leaders.  I am grateful Trivera welcomed me into their family, and I strive to make them proud."

Vogt joins Trivera with a great mix of skills. Over her long career as an account manager and Milwaukee area SEO specialist, her trajectory has had her moving onward and upward at agencies like Versant, the Frantz Group and Ascedia.

"We are fortunate that someone with Laurie's experience was available to join our team. Combine that with her energy and enthusiasm and her addition is a huge win for us and our clients," added Snyder.

Trivera's Tom Snyder makes 3rd appearance on Fox6

Social Media continues to be the hot topic on Fox6 Milwaukee's Wakeup show. Anchor Shawn Patrick invited Trivera president Tom Snyder back, this time to talk about Foursquare.

Foursquare Logo

Trivera's Tom Snyder Featured on Fox6 News Theater Shooting Feature

Following the Theater shootings in Aurora Colorado, a Fox6 Milwaukee reporter contacted me to get a little insight on Social Media use during breaking news events like these. 30 minutes of videos was shot, the following feature included my remarks.

Trivera's Tom Snyder talks Social media on Fox6 Wakeup

Morning anchor Shawn Patrick invited Tom Snyder to appear on the Fox6 Wakeup news show to share some insight into how businesses use Social Media to boost sales. Here's the segment.

Tom Snyder on Fox6 WakeUp to discuss Social Media

Tom will return to the show to talk about Foursquare on Friday, July 27th at 8:15.

A Connected World Includes a Connected Workplace

By Trivera President, Tom Snyder

When a friend first showed me this new-fangled thing called the Internet back in 1994, I immediately knew it would change everything.  And as someone who shortly after that started a company that helped businesses and organizations leverage that power, I've been talking (and writing) about how it is changing the relationship between companies and anyone who does business with them, ever since. Of course, that change goes beyond just customers. It extends to include vendors, suppliers, partners, media and the community. We've also included employees in that group, but I don't ever recall writing a blog about how this technology changes that relationship.  So when TDS Metrocom invited me to Madison to show me how what they're doing in the area of connected workplaces is as big a game changer as anything else that has happened on the web since its beginning, I was fascinated enough to give up a day in my own office to see what the fuss was about.

In the interest of total disclosure, I've gotten to know a few local TDS salespeople from networking events, and a few years ago, even won a Vegas vacation from them when they drew my business card in a drawing at the local BizTimes BizTech Expo.  Shortly after that, I was invited to do a Social Media presentation to their team. But quite honestly, I never REALLY knew what it was they did.  I knew it had something to do with data, communications, and businesses. I also knew they had a data center where they hosted web servers.  But beyond that, I was clueless.

The day tagged as a "blogger event" began with discussions among several of the Midwest's respected and visionary bloggers, causing me to ask the most obvious question: "how did *I* get invited?"

The theme was "The Connected Workplace," and began with a discussion about how a growing number of companies are using Facetime, Google Hangouts and Skype to facilitate face to face communications and even staff meetings. One of the first sessions even used the technology to video conference in the speaker. As the technology becomes easier and more ubiquitous, it is possible for team members miles, states and even countries apart to stay and feel connected. Telephone and data systems that run on the web offer the appearance that everyone is together, regardless of how apart they really are, make it almost ridiculous to NOT use.

The host for the day's event,  Emmy award winning  film producer and screenwriter John Roach, offered his perspective...and investment advice...about a connected workplace:

"Short sell commercial Real Estate."

He talked about how big offices that congest freeways, cost hours of commute time and decrease the number of productive hours are going the way of the dinosaur. The trend to replace a workplace that everyone "goes to" with digital connections that allow the workplace to be wherever you are is the situation that he admitted he's been waiting for for 20 years. His thoughts resonated with me, as a digital experience that "comes to you with what you need when you need it" was my theme of a recent blog about mobile. It now extends to our jobs.

The concept is still a bit foreign to those of us who have a culture based on people working next to, looking at and eating lunch with each other in an open environment. But offices that are just rows and rows of beige cubicles will soon be realizing the tremendous cost savings from a workplace that minimizes expenses by maximizing a team of workers working in pajamas at a desk at home, but still connected

Early in the day, I realized that TDS Metrocom sells phone systems. The difference with their product is that instead of a bunch of hardware in a closet, the stuff that runs their phone systems is hosted at a remote...and pretty center.  But as the day progressed, I realized that the even bigger difference is that they understand that they really are in the business of using Internet technology to connect people, build relationships and conduct business. Pretty much the same thing Trivera does. Unlike my space, where the devices have been computers and laptops, their devices have been office phones. But, in today's rapidly converging connected world, we're also both using mobile, online video, hosted applications and API's. My biggest takeaway was the fact that when my first exposure to the Internet convinced me that it would change everything, I didn't realize how big "everything" really was.

The growing challenge for companies large and small in this connected world is the total integration of all the internet has to offer into all aspects of their business: Sales, Marketing, Management, Human Resources, and Communication, and most importantly finding people with the technological expertise to perform that integration. Fortunately there are companies like TDS and Trivera who can take care of that.


Photos of the TDS Blogger Event are posted on Pinterest.

Trivera is Seeking a Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Specialist

In addition to the great design and amazing interactive backend stuff Trivera creates, we also make sure we're driving traffic to the sites we build, and then measuring and improving the success rates of that traffic. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are important components of that effort.

Our growing client list has created the need for us to add another SEO/PPC Specialist to our team. To fill that position, you'll need to be able to translate clients' business goals into successful search engine optimization strategies, perform technical site analysis, competitive/keyword research, and link analysis. You'll also be responsible for optimizing various site elements, including site structure, link popularity and copywriting. You'll develop ongoing customer reports, which yield qualitative and quantitative trends for ongoing SEO efforts. We have a team of technicians who take care of the technical aspects, so the position doesn't require a great deal of HTML, coding or server command line expertise, but you will need to be able to communicate client goals, and tactical directives clearly and completely so they can correctly implement what needs to be done.

Our level of passionate customer service can't be trained. You'll have to already have that in you. That service includes educating, relating and interacting well with customers and having patience even with those who have a complete lack of comprehension of how any of this SEO stuff works. The biggest challenge with this position is managing client expectations, so knowing (and being able to communicate) exactly what we will be delivering is critical.

"Plays well with others" is how others describe your relationship with co-workers. While our project manager keeps scope, feature and budget creep to a minimum, flexibility to accommodate evolving client goals is a must. An intuitive knowledge of exactly when to function without constant guidance and when to ask questions is an intangible and undefinable quality that we expect.


  • 3+ years experience with search engine optimization strategies and Pay Per Click. Having done this at an agency is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal), interpersonal skills, a positive attitude and the ability to thrive in a collaborative environment
  • A strong customer service orientation and the ability to form customer relationships are a necessity
  • Able to successfully organize, prioritize and manage multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment
  • Effective troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to quickly and clearly understand and embrace changing SEO best practices, opportunities and solutions.
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.
  • Master of Google Analytics and SeoMOZ.

This is an in-house position. We provide an extraordinary environment, flexible start times, and an office in the coolest building in Waukesha County. We have had no staff layoffs, salary reductions or major cutbacks in benefits in over 16 years. Free soda, coffee, candy and snacks. Staff lunches whenever there's a birthday, and we wrap up every week with a happy hour at 4 on Friday. This is truly an amazing place to work.

Send your resume, salary requirement and examples of some of your successes to . Trivera Interactive is an EOE.

Future Web: Skating to Where the Puck is Going

Hockey great Wayne Gretzky attributed his success to a simple philosophy: "Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is. It ain't where the puck is, it's where the puck will be."

What your company is doing with the web is a lot like a hockey game. If your only focus is a web site based on an assumption that all your visitors are sitting at their desks viewing your site on a 1024 x 768 resolution desktop monitor, you're skating to where the puck was. Even if you've begun to toy around with making your website more mobile friendly, you're still skating to where the puck is.

As an early adopter of the Internet as a powerful marketing tool, and founder of one of the Midwest's first Web development firms, I remember the days when 87% of all businesses polled said they would never have a need for a website. My challenge for over 16 years has been to be chasing after the future and dragging clients kicking and screaming behind me, hoping they'll keep up.

And it's about to get even harder.

Over the past few days, I've been spending time with the presentation Stephanie Rieger gave to the Breaking Development conference in Orlando, Florida. It's an eye opening look at how the web is evolving. Where it used to be something you'd go to the computer or your mobile device to "do," it's rapidly becoming something that's always on, connected to everything we use to provide us with any knowledge we need just as we need it. As Brad Frost aptly put it:, you need to get your content ready to go anywhere because it's going to go everywhere. Skating to where the puck is going means moving to a world where internet touch points go beyond browsers, smart phones and tablets to now include treadmills, refrigerators, cars, and a million other "smart things" that we haven't even begun to imagine. A world where search engine queries are replaced by contextual information fed to us based on our interests, needs, and location, the keyboard having been replaced by GPS's, our voice or even our retinas. The journey to where the web is headed has shifted into hyper drive, and in the process is shattering the paradigms. And it's about to leave many businesses, and even some self-professed "web development firms" in the dust.

That's why I'm so fortunate to have the team here at Trivera. While still understanding the need to provide superior, best practice web experiences for our clients (delivered on time, scope and budget), we take regular time out of the office every Friday to talk about, and plan for, the technologies, platforms, tools, ideas and directions that will help us embrace the future web.

As a result we've continued to push the envelope and come up with some pretty amazing stuff:

  • You have an e-commerce-enabled B2B website but still achieve your highest sales with your independent distributors? How about a fully integrated tablet-based tool for them to use in the field to coach them real-time to up-sell, cross-sell, check inventory, lead times and create and submit an order.
  • Your customers are voicing a common complaint that's not your fault, but due to their forgetfulness? How about a reminder with the appropriate information sent to their mobile device when it detects exactly when and WHERE they need it?
  • You have a brand with a huge community that needs Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Flickr functionality, but has huge archival resources you don't want to trust to those Social Media sites? How about an online community with full desktop, mobile and tablet compatibility with check-ins, photo uploads, topic threads, member chat and any other features the members say they need?

I've always been totally flabbergasted by traditional ad agencies who say "Oh, yeah, we do web too." Many are still trying… and still failing…to embrace even 10 year old best practices, and thus skating to where the puck was. A few conceptually get it but don't have the breadth, depth and length of experience to hire, manage or direct a team with the necessary skillsets, and so also are still skating to where the puck is. In the minority are the brave, visionary few who not only are embracing concepts like responsive web, but even seeing that as an experience we'll one day look back on with the same quaint nostalgia that we have for stuff like Cue Cat, Flash, 56k dial up and AOL.

I guess there are parts of the marketing world where a business just needs a small desktop-sized brochure-ware website, and the agency that does their direct mail, yellow page ads, and print handouts can create a cute little site for them. And there are other parts where an agency is able to convince a business to pay megabucks for a pay-per-click-supported big honking Flash landing page.

You won't find Trivera or our customers there. We're all too busy skating to where the puck is going.

Trivera is seeking an Internet Applications Developer

Trivera Interactive currently has an opening for an Internet Applications Developer with a proven track record of developing and supporting dynamic Linux/Apache/ MySQL/PHP- driven websites and online applications.

This is an in-house position. We provide an extraordinary environment, flexible start/end times, and an office in the coolest building in Waukesha County working with some of the coolest fellow teammates and most awesome customers in the world. We wrap up the week with a happy hour at 4 every Friday afternoon. We encourage use of Social Media during work hours (it helps build our brand). There's always free coffee, soda, flavored water, popcorn and candy. We offer health insurance, a great PTO plan, and all the typical paid holidays. We have had no staff layoffs, salary reductions or major cutbacks in benefits in over 16 years.

If that sounds appealing, AND you can demonstrate you have the self-discipline, drive, enthusiasm and commitment to deliverables that meet scope, budget and time requirements, then read on:

This individual will build and maintain programming functionality for Web-based commerce, database, administrative and other similar modules for our client Web sites. Being able to assist in maintaining the systems those applications run on is a plus. Our center of excellence is development of Web applications in Linux/Apache/ MySQL/PHP, so depth and breadth of practical and operational experience in this environment is critical.

He or she will need to be proficient building and maintaining elegant and robust custom applications in a PHP environment...from scratch or finding ways to re-purpose existing code. Experience with Concrete5, Joomla! and Wordpress will help them hit the ground running. Magento is our preferred e-commerce engine, so experience with it is a position requirement..

While we don't pitch .ASP, .Net or Cold Fusion projects, a basic understanding of how those work will be of benefit when we take over a client with a site that runs on those platforms.

We are passionately customer service driven and require our team members to naturally possess that same attitude. The ideal candidate will be a team player who can work well with rapidly evolving client goals, must be able to function without constant guidance and ask questions when something doesn't make sense. He or she understands they don't "write code," they solve business problems. An absolute requirement is a skill set that includes understanding of best practices for usability and intuitive navigation, that comes not from just reading about it, but also being a Web consumer them self. We need our developers to relate and interact well with customers and have patience even with those who have a complete lack of comprehension of how this stuff works.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • MVC & Object based PHP development.
  • Participate in the data and development of MagentoCommerce Solutions and Legacy (OSCommerce) PHP driven e-commerce sites, ensuring strong functionality and optimization, a best in class customer experience, and excellent conversion and ROI.
  • Participate in Concrete5 & Wordpress CMS development.
  • Participate in 100% custom design and development projects, including the implementation of relational database systems and their web interfaces using Zend (etc.) frameworks.
  • Responsible for quoting new project functionality, and scope.
  • Responsible for cross browser compatible (IE6->IE8&FF) build-out of PSD files into CSS2/CSS3 & AJAX compatible skins.
  • Ongoing work with our Sales, Account Management and Designers in the project planning and development process.
  • To assist IT Management Team in planning of overall company strategy regarding web development and search engine optimization
  • To test and troubleshoot site related issues and support end-users.


  • Minimum of 3 years experience
  • PHP, MySQL
  • cPanel/WHM and Linux System Admin (ubuntu preferred)
  • HTML4, CSS2/3, Javascript, AJAX (JQuery/Prototype)
  • CMS (Wordpress, Concrete5, Joomla!, etc)
  • Magento E-commerce
  • Mobile/Responsive design
  • FTP, SSH & Webdav
  • Photoshop experience
  • Ability to work with and communicate clearly with non technical end user
  • A passion to use technology to solve business challenges
  • Good organization skills
  • Independent and Team worker
  • Great work ethic

Pluses include:

  • Experience with business-to-consumer e-commerce software
  • Knowledge of Payment systems (
  • Experience with ERP and CRM systems
  • Experience with Basecamp Management Software, Cpanel, phpmyadmin and Openoffice
  • Knowledge of retail POS software
  • Any experience in the following: Drupal, Perl, Python, C++, Java, VBScript, Postgres, Ruby on Rails
  • cPanel/WHM and Linux System Admin (ubuntu preferred)
  • Working with Windows (2000->Windows7), Linux(Ubuntu) & MacOSX

Send your resume, salary requirement and URL's of programming projects you've done to . Trivera Interactive is an EOE.

Dabble Debuts in Milwaukee, Featuring Trivera's Tom Snyder

After a successful launch in Chicago, Dabble, which gives people an opportunity to attend and/or teach inexpensive classes in a wide range of topics has brought an ambitious schedule to Milwaukee.  That schedule includes two Social Media classes taught by Trivera president and CEO Tom Snyder.

The concept is brilliant. It allows people to attend hour or two-long classes covering a wide range topics, from beer brewing to bicycle repair, from swing dancing to  ceramics. But the topics also include topics of interest to small businesses, including entrepreneurship and Wordpress, and Tom's 2 classes:  Foursquare for Business on February 15th and Twitter for Marketers on February 28th.  The cost for each class is $20 per student.

People with talents and skills and an ability teach can also sign up to do a class of their own, and keep half the registration cost themselves.

Initially, the classes will be held at Spreenkler in the Grand Avenue Mall downtown, but plans are to expand into other areas as participation grows. Plans are also to expand into virtually every city in the US.

For more information, and to sign up, check out the Dabble website.