Marketing Webinar

How your digital marketing can produce more (and better) sales leads

Presented by Team Trivera's

Christina Steder, Jamie Rinehart & Jen Elias

Sales are critical to your bottom line. Most companies can't achieve their sales goals without marketing support. However, sales and marketing are often at odds and casting blame on each other for lack of results.

Please join the sales and marketing experts from Team Trivera as we explain how digital marketing can help bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Using our lead nurturing philosophy, you will learn how sales and marketing can work together to ignite interest, tell your story, and most importantly, convert leads into business sales.

This event is designed for :
This event is an excellent learning experience for:

  • Sales Directors who want to improve their bottom line.
  • Marketing Directors who want to provide better leads to sales.
  • CMOs who want to ensure marketing is delivering bottom-line results to the company.

This webinar originally broadcast on May 21.


Event Presenters

Christina Steder

Christina Steder EVP at Trivera

Christina focuses on linking each client’s ongoing online and content marketing needs to business goals and ROI.  Read More >

Jackie Costa

Jamie Rinehart Senior VP of Business Development

Jamie comes to Trivera with 11 years of Digital Marketing and Advertising account management experience. Jamie previously was the Advertising Sales manager at Kalmbach Publishing Company.  Read More >

Jen Elias

Jen Elias Web Design/ UX/ Front End Developer

Jen's responsibility is to understand our client's brand, business model and conversion goals, and then craft a website based on solid design,  intuitive navigation and an efficient, converting customer journey. Read More >