3 Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

author Team Trivera by Team Trivera on Nov 13, 2017

Companies with an executive-level B2B customer often struggle with gaining access to their target audience in a way that promotes engagement and fosters relationships. While digital marketing offers many options for reaching prospective customers in every walk of life, c-suite decision makers can be a particularly tough target market, especially if you are trying to develop a relationship instead of engaging in interruption marketing. 

One platform we have successfully used to help our clients position themselves in front of this hard-to-reach audience is LinkedIn. There are several features of LinkedIn advertising that make it an excellent choice for the right situations. 

  • Targeting options. With LinkedIn, you can target by industry, job title, location, years of experience, level of education, and more. 
  • Native advertising. LinkedIn sponsored posts show up on the target's home page, intermingling naturally with posts from the people they follow. InMail is delivered to the recipient's inbox in the same way messages from a user's contacts are received.
  • Lead collection. LinkedIn includes an option for recipients to fill out forms using their LinkedIn profile. This is particularly useful if you want to market gated content, such as a whitepaper download. 

The only drawback to LinkedIn advertising is that the cost per click might be higher than other forms of advertising you have tried. Remember, LinkedIn holds the keys to a lot of valuable information in the form of job titles, etc. They charge accordingly for access to this information. However, we have found that LinkedIn ads can reach a high-quality audience that is difficult to reach using other channels. 

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