Shan Woodruff

5 Years Digital Experience 

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Website Design & Development

Shan Woodruff

Design/Front End Intern

As chairman of the advisory committee for MATC's Web Design and Front End Development curriculum, Trivera's president, Tom Snyder, regulary demonstrates his commitment to helping advance the careers of the students in that program by providing an internship for the best and brightest.

Shan Woodruff is our intern for Spring 2019. 

Shan was already a talented designer and front end developer before she began her formal educational track at MATC. So as part of her intern position, she is not only shadowing and learning from our other design pros, but she uses her proficiency in Concrete5 and Wordpress to do work for Trivera clients. When she's not here or in class, she spends time with her daughter, doing various DIY projects and going to concerts.