Ivana Skoko

16 Years Digital and Marketing Experience

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Digital Advertising

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Ivana Skoko

SEO/PPC Specialist

Operating on strategic, tactical & creative levels, Ivana combines her web talent with extensive e-commerce & internet marketing experience to deliver success building and executing digital media roadmaps & plans for Trivera clients.

Ivana brings 16 years of experience at Kohl's and Bon-Ton where she worked in content creation, digital media, online marketing, eventually becoming a digital marketing, search & affiliate manager.

In her role as SEO/PPC Specialist, Ivana works closely with our client strategy team to assure that our SEO/PPC efforts are working in tandem with any content, social, email, marketing automation, paid placement or other tactics that we're including in the strategy we've outlined for our clients.

When she's not helping our clients achieve their strategic digital marketing success goals, she's spending time with her two sons (probably watching or playing some kind of sport), enjoying a good happy hour with friends, cooking to the sounds of perfect playlist, or finding her zen in the gym, so she can eat more pasta and tacos. One of her superpowers is to be able to have entire conversations using only memes.

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