Jason Kofoed

21 Years Digital Experience

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Jason Kofoed

Back End Web Developer

Jason Kofoed is a member of our back end web development team. 

Jason brings two decades of programming experience, including mobile and web development, with the last six years as Web/API developer at Capital Newspapers in Madison. A Software Development professional who is accustomed to a deadline-driven and ever-changing work environment, Jason understands that he's not just writing code, but creating brand reinforcing user experiences that solve client business problems.

His resume contains an impressive set of technical skills: XHTML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL/PostGreSQL, usability, server architecture. His experience provides him with an understanding of web processes integration and how the complex code he writes fits into the overall strategies we've developed for our clients. 

Despite the large amount of time he spends on complex programming tasks to build amazing functionality for our client web sites and apps he still somehow manages to fill his life with fun activities. That includes time with his kids, and interest in cars, camping/outdoors, traveling, books, movies, sports, and even some gaming - video and board games. We honestly don't know how he does it all. We're pretty sure he hasn't slept since he started here.