What Your Email Address Says About You

Tom Snyder photo by Tom Snyder on Nov 30, 2001

(Originally published when Trivera was named “Websight Solutions)

We got a catalog in the mail yesterday. It was a beautiful, 32 page, 4 color glossy production. Wow! They serve customers all over the world. Amazing! Their email address? A bunch of numbers @compuserve.com. What? (The fact that they don’t have a Web site yet is a matter for our sales department).

Besides instantly conveying “small-time-operator,” to the world, it makes no sense to turn your email address into a free ad for another company by including THEIR domain name in it!

Here’s the bottom line: If you want people to take you seriously, the only email addresses you should ever be publicizing anywhere (Web site, invoices, business cards, etc.) should be yourname@yourowndomain.com… There should be no public “admission” of an aol.com or compuserve.com or execpc.com address visible to the public anywhere.

Websight Solutions hosting clients: To help you keep an AOL, CompuServe or ISP email address our little secret (and to prevent you from having to reprint all your promotional materials if you decide someday to change your ISP), we can map any emailaddress@yourdomain.com to automatically forward to any email address you’d like (if your domain is currently hosted with us). We just need to know which ones you want to go where (and where you want ALL unspecified emails@yourdomain.com to go). Once we’ve done that, then all we have to do is go through your site and give it an ISP-ectomy, i.e. remove any email addresses that aren’t to your domain.

Take some time to go through your site, and see what your email address is saying about you. If you’ve already followed the above strategy, congratulations! If not… we’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!

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