Websight Solutions Introspective

by Tom Snyder on Apr 17, 1999

(Originally published when Trivera was named “Websight Solutions)

What do Lamplight Farms, Pointcast and Websight Solutions all have in common? They are all businesses that began in someone’s basement. We realized the other day that we now have clients and staff members who didn’t know us back in the days when Websight Solutions was just a guy in a basement. So, the other day, when we brought our newest staff member back to show him where we came from, we waxed nostalgic, and spent some time thinking about who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going.

Websight Solutions officially opened for business in January of 1996. Not a long track record as far as businesses go, but about as long as you can get in the Web Design business. We began with a desk, a Gateway 200 Pentium 75 computer, a dial-up connection from a local ISP, a couple of software programs and a desire to make the Web a viable marketing vehicle for small to medium-sized businesses. Our goal from the outset was to be marketing people first, and computer people second. To use technology to serve our customers, not hide from them. That’s why even to this day, we’re one of the few Internet companies that you can call and almost always get an actual human being to answer the phone.

As the Internet has continued its explosion, it has experienced (and still continues to be effected by) growing pains. As a company in this industry, we are subject to the same growing pains… finding talented professionals to add to our staff, trying to handle the huge volume of business out there, trying to provide effective solutions to our clients’ needs that are secure, robust, reliable and at the same time not cost-prohibitive. Our mission statement was, and still is based around customer service and integrity. And while sometimes the technology lets us down, the thing that drives us (and often keeps awake at night) is the intense desire that our clients know we really do care.

That attitude has brought us to where we are today. Our company is housed in a 2,000 square foot facility in the Falls Business Park in suburban Milwaukee. We’re connected to the ‘Net via our own T-1 lines and high-speed Web servers. Our staff has grown to include designers, programmers, system administrators, project managers and account executives. We also have several value-added resellers who have their own Internet Consulting Firms and contract us to do the actual design and programming. We’ve also assembled a list of independent programmers and designers, as well as several technology vendors on whom we can rely when we need services that are outside of our own capabilities.

We’ve come a long way from the days of nothing but static image and brochure-ware Web sites, and having them all hosted at ExecPC. These days, we’re hosting our clients’ dynamic, interactive Web sites, as well as intranet and Extranet applications here. We’re developing Web site projects that include thousands of pages of content, databases, Shockwave and Flash animation, streaming Audio and Video and robust, and secured E-commerce applications. Our client list has grown to well over 100 businesses stretching from Hawaii to Boston that count on Websight Solutions as their Internet Partner.

But we still never forget where we came from and what we’re all about.

It’s a simple commitment to provide the best service and value we possibly can in exchange for a fair price. We look back in thanks for what the last three years have produced. We look forward in eager anticipation to what the next three years (and beyond) will bring. And although we don’t know exactly what that will be, our hope and goal is that our conscientious service will cause you and many more like you to come along on that journey.

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