Summertime - No Time to Coast!

by Tom Snyder on Jun 17, 1998

Here in Milwaukee, we’re known as the City of Festivals. With 22 festivals on the calendar (including Summerfest

and the Harley-Davidson 95th Birthday Reunion), it means lots of stuff to do, long weekends, Holidays and vacations. But this season brings with it a caveat and an opportunity.

First the caveat. If your Web site provides your visitors with an opportunity to interact with you (email, shopping, information requests, etc.), make sure you’ve made provisions to assure regular and timely retrieval and response to Web site generated inquiries. July 4th may be a holiday here, but on the World Wide Web, it’s not! You may thing because you’ve decided to spend the week at Summerfest, all your customers will be there, too. If you’re going on a vacation, don’t think your visitors will wait for you to get back before they go and do business with someone else! Think of your site as a store that’s open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You know the rate at which your site generates response. Make sure you’re set up to provide a response as quickly as your customers are used to receiving a response.

Now the opportunity. Any time large numbers of people are being gathered together for any reason, you have a promotional opportunity. If you’re advertising your business to that group (onsite signage, special advertising sections in the paper, handouts, etc.) make sure you include your Web site address. And if you set up shop at an event, set up a computer with your Web site (if you need help with that, let us know).

Go ahead and have fun this Summer, but remember to treat your Web site like the opportunity it is!

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