Mitchell Goes Mobile

Tom Snyder photo by Tom Snyder on Feb 03, 2009

As the Web becomes more tightly woven into the fabric of everyday lives, mini-laptops, iPhones, Treos, Blackberries and other smart phones are rapidly becoming the preferred method for the growing number of people to get their information on the go.

To meet the needs of travelers who access the Web via those wireless devices, Milwaukee 's General Mitchell International Airport has launched a mobile version of their Web site.

While Web sites have always been accessible via any device that can access the internet, the smaller screens and lack of a browser standard for the new generation of wireless devices typically causes the information to be displayed in an unusable, unfriendly and hard to navigate format. The new GMIA mobile site uses the industry's best practices to create a bandwidth-friendly experience, formatted to fit the smaller screens of most mobile devices. In addition, the site has a pared-down content set geared to contain only the information that people will typically be looking for on their mobile devices. The order of the items in the menu was designed to match that of the most popular content items that mobile users had been attempting to access on the main site. Real time flight arrival and departure information tops the list, with parking lot status, and directions to the airport following. The list of airlines serving GMIA contains phone numbers that can be dialed by a cell phone via a single click. Also included in the mobile site is an airport terminal guide, information on ground transportation and a link to federal government sites for security and passport information.

While the mobile site has its own distinct URL:, technology embedded in the main GMIA website will automatically detect if a user is accessing the site via a mobile device and will automatically direct the user to the mobile site. The mobile site also contains a link to the main Web site ( ) in the event that the user wishes to access content from that site, and has a device with an actual Web browser, like Safari on the iPhone, or the Opera Mini Browser.
GMIA joins the ranks of Orbitz, and eBay and other companies who have also launched mobile sites. However, it is one of the first airports in the world to embrace this technology. The site was conceived, architected, developed and hosted by Trivera Interactive.

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