Latest Figures of doing Business on the Web

by Tom Snyder on Jul 17, 1999

(Originally published when Trivera was named “Websight Solutions”)

Surveys taken recently are demonstrating what Websight Solutions clients already know: when compared to national averages, Websight Solutions provides tremendous value to our customers.

The surveys, taken by NetMarketing Magazine, broke down the costs by the size of the sites. A small site was defined as 20 page site containing tables of parts specs and corporate information, with the ability for the client to administer some parts of the site themselves. A medium site contains approximately 100 pages, searchable and sortable, with some ineractivity, and a modicum of custom programming (Javascript). A large site is defined as being e-commerce-enabled (secured transaction), embedded multimedia/games, a couple databases (zip code-based store locator, and stored user profiles), and some form of chat.

According to results of those surveys, the Median prices across the US for small sites posted a dramatic increase in the past 12 months, now averaging $78,000. The prices for development of Medium sites are now averaging $150,000, while the price for a large site averages $440,000 nationally.

Custom programming continues to be the most costly element for Web sites, with Database development and E-commerce accounting for large percentages of the development costs. The average cost nationally to develop a database application on your Web site now ranges from $45,000 to $600,000, with the median price running about $160,000. The $45,000 figure represents the economy provided by shops (like Websight Solutions) that use a combination of free software such as the Apache Web server, a database package such as PostGres, and the Linux operating system.

While the largest national companies are averaging $1 million dollars or more for their E-commerce sites, smaller e-commerce sites are averaging significantly less, as low as $30,000, with the median price weighing in $479,250 .

Monthly maintenance figures (which should be released by Netmarketing next month) are also expected to show significant increases from those a year ago, when those charges ran as high as $162,800 per month for a large site. Median prices for even a small site came in at $2,500 per month with medium sites at $5,000 per month and large sites at $14,750 per month. These prices included hosting, database maintenance and ongoing changes.

For more details about these costs (and others like those associated with Intranet sites, building “community” Web sites, and actual average hourly fees for various services), go to

If you’ve done business with Websight Solutions, you’ll appreciate the value that we’ve been able to provide for the price. While our costs of doing business are not significantly less than those of our counterparts in the industry, we have always, and will continue to provide national-quality service for small and medium businesses, at prices less than the average.

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