Is Your Web Site Truly World Wide?

by Tom Snyder on Apr 17, 1998

As the Web begins to explode all around the world, sharp business owners are taking advantage of International opportunities… and watching their sales increase.

If you’re trying to do commerce over the Web, one of the surest routes to success is finding a way to offer your Web site visitors a product they can’t normally find locally. It’s no secret that American-made goods are hot in other countries. And if those goods can’t be purchased locally in those countries, your Web site may be the only way for people in those countries to get those goods.

Milwaukee Harley-Davidson ( updates their online T-shirt catalog regularly, and does a tremendous international business volume whenever they do. Metalforms ( receives South American inquiries about their products via the Spanish version of their site ( Riteway Bus Service charters Milwaukee area bus tours for groups coming to the U.S. from Germany at RadioResearch.Com is doing audience research for a radio station in Latvia via their Web site.

Take a look at your business and ask yourself if you could benefit from an International marketplace. Decide which countries might present you with new opportunities. Consider building foreign language versions of your site (Websight Solutions can even provide you with translation services).

The beauty of the WWW is the fact it allows you to open an economical storefront that reaches anywhere… including Europe, Australasia, The Middle East, Central and South America.

Ne laissez pas ce passage d’occasion magnifique vous près!*

* Don’t let this golden opportunity pass you by!

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