How World-Wide is Your Web?

by Tom Snyder on Apr 27, 2001

You’ve finished your Web site and now the world will beat a pathway to your homepage, right?

Yes, but only if they speak English!

Many companies are realizing that the beauty of the Internet is its ability to open up a world-wide market. While English has become a universal language of business, International visitors will appreciate a site experience that includes information in their native language.

While some Web developers can translate, Wirestone prefers to localize. We realize that locale is a more accurate way of referring to what is typically thought of as a language or dialect. It is a superset of translation, since it includes not only translation but also the conversion of culturally specific data formatting, such as dates, time, and money. Localization eliminates potentially embarrassing mistranslations, and demonstrates to your International customers that they are important to you.

Wirestone has translated and localized Web content for a long list of clients, including MTV, Troy Research, Hewlett Packard, Mustela, Jelly Belly and Extended Systems.

Languages we’ve done include Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French Canadian, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, Russian. Our Hewlett Packard project was translated and localized into 19 languages alone!

What kind of International markets could you reach with translated and localized versions of your Web site? Think about it.

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