How the Core Web Vitals Update Will Impact Your SEO and UX

Ivana Skoko photo by Ivana Skoko on May 24, 2021

Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics -- LCP, FID and CLS -- related to a website speed, responsiveness and visual stability. This Trivera InfoSheet helps explain Google's new page experience ranking factor at-a-glance and what you can do to improve your scores. Managing these vitals should be a ongoing endeavor. Optimizing your website, or even just one of your top performing pages, with this data in mind is also important for providing a good user experience


















About Ivana Skoko

ivana72x72.jpgIvana Skoko is the Senior Search & Advertising Strategist at Trivera Interactive. Working closely with our client strategy team, Ivana develops and executes the search marketing tactics necessary to produce the success goals we've outlined for our clients.  Ivana is Google Ads and Analytics certified.

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