How an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy Helped Viking Masek Enter a New Market

Team Trivera photo by Team Trivera on Jun 17, 2019

At Trivera, we believe in the effectiveness of integrated digital marketing strategies because we’ve seen them work firsthand. We know that using a combination of SEO-driven content, inbound lead-nurturing marketing, continual iteration of a website, social media, and digital advertising can lead to measurable results for a business. Viking Masek knows this too. A flexible packaging machine manufacturer located in Oostburg, Wis., Viking Masek manufactures automated flexible packaging machinery for a wide variety of industries. The company is well-known for the quality and durability of its machines, as well as for its knowledge of the coffee, cheese, and contract packaging industries. One industry that it was not well known for, but which represented an emerging opportunity, was cannabis packaging.

The recent legalizations of cannabis in several states presented a unique opportunity for Viking Masek. The company knew its machines would be ideal for packaging cannabis in a variety of forms, including edibles and CBD oil, and the industry is growing very quickly. Viking Masek needed to find a way to reach the many businesses in this emerging industry.

Fortunately, Trivera and Viking Masek have worked together for over two years to build a robust, SEO-friendly, and well-optimized website that takes advantage of nearly every digital marketing opportunity available. To enter the cannabis industry, we first worked together to create a robust, industry-specific website page that included information for those new to packaging automation, videos of the machines in action, and recommendations for the most popular packaging machines. The page, like many others on the site, included links to downloadable content that put site visitors into an automated lead nurturing inbound marketing workflow. Blogging provided another way to add content to the site that would drive organic search traffic. Finally, we used pay per click (PPC) advertising to bring extra attention to Viking Masek’s entry into this emerging market.

The integrated strategies worked. Over a period of several months, multiple individuals learned about Viking Masek via Google searches, landing on blog posts and machine pages, then navigating throughout the site. Two separate users downloaded content that provided inbound marketing opportunities for Viking Masek, and one user visited 63 pages on the site including the company’s packaging machines, blogs, and bag style pages, both before and after submitting a consultation form. Within a few months, Viking Masek was providing a proposal for a packaging machine.

This kind of integrated digital marketing can be implemented at your company too. The trick is to start with a robust, SEO-friendly website. Viking Masek was successful because the company works really hard to continually iterate its content and its website. When the time came to enter a new market, Viking Masek was starting with great search visibility, working inbound marketing campaigns, and a really user-friendly website. Digital marketing is not a magic bullet. It’s a steady progress over time way of building a sustainable and healthy business. It works for Viking Masek and it can work for you!


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