Greg Kellerman - Trivera's Back End Development Lead

Marjie Snyder photo by Marjie Snyder on May 23, 2019

greg_144x144.jpgGreg Kellerman has joined Trivera as the leader of our back end development team. 

Greg brings two decades of programming experience, including game and web development, with the last four years managing teams of web developers at EPIC Creative in West Bend. A Software Development professional who is accustomed to a deadline-driven and ever-changing work environment, Greg understands that he's not just writing code, but creating brand reinforcing user experiences that solve client business problems. His resume contains an impressive set of technical skills: PHP, MYSQL, database design, javascript, Concrete5 and LAMP stack setup. His experience managing a full web team provides him with an understanding of web processes integration and how the complex code he writes fits into the overall strategies we've developed for our clients. Adding his natural ability to effectively communicate what he's doing to team members and clients alike makes Greg Trivera's programming unicorn.   

When Greg isn't busy creating the code to facilitate advanced functionality to client websites, he's hanging out with a couple of crazy kids and a patient wife who has learned to tolerate his nerdiness with video games and science fiction, and playing the role of the modern suburban Dad who loves working in the yard.

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