And the Award goes to... Ad Agencies!

Tom Snyder photo by Tom Snyder on Mar 22, 2009

Long time readers know we have a strong opinion of Ad Agencies who claim to be experts at Web.

They never cease to reinforce that opinion.

We were recently invited to bid on a project for a pretty high profiel local orgnaization. The project contained a signficant Web component.  The majority of respondants were Ad Agencies...just for grins I decided to check out our competition.

Over HALF of them couldn't be found in Google...

...even if you knew their name.

A basic fundamental of Web 1.0... totally absent, and begging the question: "If they don't get Web 1.0, how will they EVER get Web 2.0?"

Traiditional Agencies are becoming the buggy whip manufatures of the new

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