A New Name, A New Company, A New Era

by Tom Snyder on Jan 05, 2001

A lot of folks have been suspicious that there might be something big going on around here. It turns out that their hunch was correct. We’ve been busy working, traveling, meeting, negotiating and planning. Now, at long last, we can let you know what we’ve been up to. It is with great pride and excitement that I announce a new era for Milwaukee and the Midwest.

My company, Websight Solutions has become Wirestone!

The move is more than a name-change, it is the result of a merger with Wirestone, a California-based digital professional services company, with offices in several cities. This merger is exciting because of the opportunities it now presents for our company as well as our clients. It’s also an honor because of the way the it came about.

Wirestone’s strategy is to grow by acquiring best-in-field Web development, marketing, strategy and design firms in major cities throughout the United States. The charter is to find exceptional firms who want to experience fast-paced growth and the opportunity to work with leading edge technologies and the country’s most talented Internet, marketing and multimedia design experts.

Last September, their search came to Milwaukee. Wirestone began to research the market and it became apparent to them that Websight Solutions met their criteria and shared their values. We continued to investigate each other to make sure that a Wirestone/Websight Solutions partnership was in everyone’s best interest, especially our clients. We spent time visiting several of the other offices, meeting with previous owners who preceded us in merging with Wirestone. The more we got to know them, the more we became convinced that a merger was the right thing to do.

The agreement was reached and signed on January 1st. We’ve spent the past few weeks learning about the new capabilities, resources, systems, practices and procedures that have already made Wirestone successful. We’ve also been able to share with them many of the capabilities, resources, systems, practices and procedures that have made Websight Solutions successful. The new synergy is incredible, and we are excited about the possibilities and opportunities.

So after months of due diligence, we can now make the official announcement: Websight Solutions now is Wirestone.

What it Means to You

It’s an exciting step because it allows us to combine the agility, creativity, and personalized service of a local shop with the strong resources, capabilities, experience, and national presence of a large Internet professional services firm. In addition to enhancing our technical skills, we also can now provide a greater array of fully integrated front-to-backend e-business solutions.

You can continue to count on us to offer you the service, strategy, design and programming that you’ve come to expect from Websight Solutions. But more importantly, you now can expect an even greater range of services, and faster turnaround on projects.

I’ll still manage the Milwaukee office, and the staff remains the same, too. If you’re a client, you’ll continue to work with the same folks you always have.

We’ll all have new email addresses, but the old ones will still work for a while. The phone numbers and street address will remain the same. While we do have plans to grow, we have no immediate plans to move.

Invoices will still come from the Milwaukee office. For the next month or so, checks can be made payable to either Wirestone or Websight Solutions. Watch your invoices for further instructions.

The Milwaukee office will continue to produce a monthly newsletter, but the name and the format will change. As in the past, we will strive to make the monthly newsletter more about how to maximize your site’s effectiveness, and not primarily about us. But be aware of a possible change in format so you don’t miss it.

We are excited about what this move means to us, and are even more excited about what this means for you. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to call or email us.

We look forward to helping you “compete in the new economy!”

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