Social Media Counterculture

by Tom Snyder on Apr 06, 2010

howing up , recognizable from their Twitter and Foursquare avatars, seems to consistently and reliably show up at events and in the success stories of a growing number of Milwaukee businesses and causes. Milwaukee seems to have developed a Social Media Subculture. It's reminding me  a lot of the Hippie counterculture of the 60's and 70's and the Contemporary Christian Music subculture of the 80's... both of which I was a part.

In both of those movements,  you saw the same people at every gathering, and fueling the success businesses that catered to those crowds. While immersed in those cultures, we were convinced we were a force to be reckoned with, not realizing (or admitting) what a small percentage of the population at large we actually represented. We knew how to make a lot of noise to get noticed. Crowds at the rock concerts on Milwaukee's lakefront made the evening news. The little 250 watt suburban AM Christian Music radio station I worked at managed to become the most popular Milwaukee radio station in a Milwaukee Journal poll.

So when I go to Tweetups and other Social Media events, I see lots of people. But they are always the same people. When the media covers the impact of Social Media on businesses, it's the same handful of businesses. I hope this is temporary and coverage will show the growth and impact happening all over this city.

Either way, something special is happening here. After a period of complacency with the status quo, many of our clients are contacting us again in a near panic to have us help them figure out how to become a part of it. Virtually every client, new and old, is having us make some form of Social Media a part of their online presence. From what I can tell the growth over this last year shows no signs of slowing down.  So I tink I'll just smile, believe we are unique and enjoy the show.

And again, while the logical part of me thinks we may be a mouse that roared, But it still feels like something

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