10 things you can do right now to further your Online success.

Tom Snyder photo by Tom Snyder on Nov 30, 2001

1.) Make a commitment to check and respond to your email twice as often as you do now. More of your critical correspondence will be coming via email. Fast response will benefit you and the people you correspond with.

2.) Offer the folks who receive printed information from your company an opportunity to receive that information electronically, either by email, or via an email reminder that contains a link to that information in an exclusive area in your Web site. You’ll save printing and postage costs.

3.) Find a promotional piece that doesn’t have your Web site address on it, and reprint it with your Web site address. You’ll drive more traffic to your site.

4.) Go to your Web site. Check “Page Info.” If the page date is older than 3 months, call your Websight Solutions contact and discuss an update.

5.) If the page date is more recent than that, send out a press release to your media list to let them know about your most recent significant update.

6.) Send an email to your email list inviting them to your site to check out the new update. If you haven’t done an update lately, send them some information in your field of expertise to help them and further position yourself in their mind.

7.) Look at your company’s operations and find a function that could be better handled online. Contact your Websight Solutions Rep and talk about how feasible it will be to transition this function to your Web site.

8.) If you spend a lot of time on line, speed up your connection. If you’re on a dial up, get ISDN. If you’re on ISDN, get DSL. You’d be surprised how inexpensive these options are, and how much they’ll increase your productivity.

9.) Report a spammer. Simply forward any unsolicited emails to abuse at the domain name of the sender (abuse@aol.com, abuse@earthlink.net, etc.). Most ISP’s have that address set up specifically for that purpose. If the Spammer’s domain name looks weird, or is masked, see if you can find a valid domain name somewhere in the body of the email and forward the email to abuse at that domain name.

10.) Subscribe to a new online newsletter. Yeah, I know you’re busy. But if you don’t take time to “sharpen your axe”, you’ll continue to become less and less effective. Some good ones include Evan Schwartz’s Digital Darwinism, Ralph Wilson’s Wilsonweb, and Wired. The digital economy is upon us.. prepare yourself. Learn as much about it as you can.

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